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A not for profit organization providing family planning and comprehensive abortion care services. Janani is affiliated to DKT- International, a non-profit organization based in Washington D.C. With 15 programs across 14 countries. DKT is one of the largestand most cost-efficient social marketing organizations in the world.Since 1989, DKT has been promoting family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention through social marketing in the developing world. In 2008, .

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Janani Delivers through

Surya clinics
36 own
21 private sector doctors as fractional franchisees

Outreach Family Planning
services at government facilities

Open House
  • Family Planning Clinic in Patna
    Janani Opens New Family Planning Clinic in Patna, Patna, Bihar – September 4th, 2015
  • 32 Indian NGOs
    Janani as one of 32 Indian NGOs who welcomes the government's move to add injectable contraception to the government's family planning program.
  • TV spots recently banned
    Times of India, doesn't mention DKT by name but is all about the TV spots recently banned in Pakistan.

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Surya Clinic SOPs

"All decisions taken as per the guidelines taken by the Govt. of India"

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Address : 5th Floor, Dr. Zakir Hussain Institute, Old By-pass Road, Kumharar
Patna - 800026 (India)

Phone : (+91 612) 2340315

Email : patna@janani.org